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I am finding this VERY! difficult to write, how do i make myself sound more intersting than i actually am?? 

So I may aswell tell you about me..

My name is Paige  i am currently twenty one from Worcestershire the place where Worcester Sauce is made that makes an amazing chat up line when im out and about obviously not in Worcester Though haha!  I am a MUMMY to a gorgeous little boy who will be three in July hes my world!.. I LOVE Blogging i started in March 2014 and have been hooked every since i have noticed its not the best out there and not alot of writing but hey ho! I tend to write posts about Beauty Products until i build up enough courage to actually post a fashion picture of myself! im far from a trend setter so hoping that will change in the next few months i am trying haha!..I am  very down to earth and wasn't born with a silver spoon in my mouth sometimes that is my weakness as other bloggers do look down on me i dont tend on letting that get to me much.. I hope you enjoy reading and please do drop me a comment so say Hiiii! 

Much Love 


  1. I love your blog hun and you are so nice! You are so down to earth and open
    Never stop doing what you do :)